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Socks from the bone on the leg Valgosocks

Valgosocks – professional correction of bunions on the foot

  • Straighten your thumb and the joint
  • Relieve pain and swelling
  • Preserve the natural mobility of the foot
  • Designed for convenience wearing

What is Valgosocks?

Socks Valgosocks are a development of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Created by the joint efforts of scientists and leading German doctors-orthopedists, socks Valgosocks take into account all aspects of the biomechanics of the foot.

The main difference between this corrector is that its action is not only aimed at straightening the big toe, but also to fight with transverse flatfoot. Thus, socks Valgosocks struggle not only with bone but also with the reason for its emergence.

What's the real cause of HALLUX VALGUS

Valgosocks bone

More than half the people on the planet face problem which is called ”painful bone on foot”. Also, many people believe the problem with gout and I see the cause of the disease in the deposition of salts and improper metabolism.

This view is mistaken. Pain in the thumb due to deformity – transverse flatfoot, in which the spread is metatarsal bones (the extension of the front part of the foot) and the deviation of the big toe inward (valgus deviation).

The symptoms of hallux valgus

Special risk of hallux valgus is present when wearing new tight shoes. There are several main symptoms of this disease.

Special risk of hallux valgus is present when wearing new tight shoes. There are several main symptoms of this disease.

Timely detection allows not only faster to fight the disease, but faster to get rid of it. There are 4 symptoms:
  1. Deviation the big toe towards the other toes. It is not always possible to notice the first changes in the big toe. But with regular wearing uncomfortable tight shoes, each time this symptom all the more clearly will appear. During long-term wear uncomfortable shoes degree of deviation of the thumb can reach up to 30%.
  2. The emergence in the area of the base of the thumb unpleasant pain that increases when the long walk in uncomfortable shoes.
  3. The occurrence near the base of the big toe small painful swelling.
  4. The bulging of the bone in the opposite direction from the thumb.

The appearance of even one of these symptoms is a serious harbinger of the emergence of hallux valgus. But even the detection of one of them, to fall into despair you should not.

Action orthopedic socks Valgosocks

  • Valgosocks return the foot's natural shape, protects and relieve painful swelling.
  • Corrector straightens flattened and twisted the soft parts of the main big toe joint, and also fixes the developing curvature.
  • With the help of special designs Valgosocks, metatarsal pads and finger bandages, stabiliziruemost the position of the foot and is subject to its proper burden.
  • Using socks Valgosocks foot deformed by Hallux valgus is moving naturally and without pain.
  • Effectively eliminates transverse flatfoot, which is a frequent companion of the curvature of the thumb.

5 reasons why Valgosocks better than other tools

Other tools:

  • Have only a temporary effect
  • Fully or partially fix the joint, limiting his mobility
  • Only suspend the progress of the joint deformity
  • Have limitations when wearing, are not always suitable to shoes
  • Costly, can cause discomfort during use
  • Provide stable, long-term effect
  • Not hamper the mobility of the joint
  • Prevent further progression of the deformity of the joint
  • Operate 24 hours a day, perfect for most types of shoes
  • More accessible and easier to use than most similar devices

Photos before and after using Valgosocks

before after Valgosocks 1 before after Valgosocks 2 before after Valgosocks 3

Design and composition of socks Valgosocks

Special design Valgosocks gives the opportunity to stabilize the position of feet and allows you to adjust the load.

The product consists of a belt and two fasteners. Belt firmly covers the back part of the foot, in addition, provides reliable fixation of the metatarsal strip and the garter on his finger.

Socks do not constrain the movement of the feet, making it a natural and painless.

Thus, the simple design of socks Valgosocks helps to lock toes in the correct position.

To achieve the desired effect, socks should be worn regularly and in a month after the start of positive changes not only the appearance of the feet, but the sensations when walking.

The mechanism of action Valgosocks

Algosec will help restore feet to normal shape and to relieve pain, and prevent these problems in the future.

In addition, with the help of orthopedic socks Valgosocks you can get rid of edema and swelling that can be caused by long walking or Jogging.

Due to the fact that the sock helps keep the foot in the normal position, there is a gradual straightening of the joint and soft tissues are pinched by the bone.

Disappear pain, resumed circulation in the feet and nutrition of tissue cells.

With the help of socks the foot will be in the correct position, and the load is evenly distributed no matter what the person wears shoes or goes barefoot.

To start wearing orthopedic socks Valgosocks need, when the first alarming symptoms, when first appeared pain in the feet.

Even if the pain appears rarely, it should be remembered that the deformation process has already begun and the sooner you start fighting it, the easier it will be to get rid of unpleasant consequences.

Of socks Valgosocks

Socks made of special material, having the following characteristics:

  1. Hypoallergenic: there is not even a theoretical risk of allergic reactions when worn.
  2. Durability: durable yarns and a special weave creates material that can long be operated, without losing its properties. He's not afraid of regular socks, but can be damaged when washed in water hotter than 50 degrees.
  3. Hygroscopicity: the fabric is breathable and moisture, the skin underneath breathe and not overheat. Not here it's favorable for fungus conditions.
  4. Elasticity: the sock stretches, so it can be worn at any size feet. This creates a sufficient level of tension to create the desired effect.

Care for the toes is simple: it must be regularly washed by hand in water at room temperature with the addition of soap or detergent. Drying products are better for outdoors.

Use Valgosocks

Valgosocks 2

Orthopedic socks Valgosocks convenient and easy to use. With attachments they fit the feet, without interfering with walking or discomfort, which allows you to wear them for a long time without removing.

One mount sock covers the little finger, and the other is fixed around the thumb. The belt holds the rear part of the foot. This creates a solid structure that will hold the foot in desired position.

As the alignment of the toes, which will gradually take its normal shape, you will need to pull the mounts to avoid the formation of empty space between the foot and toe to provide a snug fit on the foot.

There is no time limit to wear these orthotics. In order to obtain the effect in a short time, wear Valgosocks be as often as possible.

In the manufacture of socks using only natural materials that do not contain toxins and do not cause allergic reactions. For this reason, there are no restrictions or contraindications to their use.

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How to buy Valgosocks and what is the price of

To buy Valgosocks in the pharmacy it is impossible – the policy of the manufacturer and excludes any distribution methods in addition to direct sales to the consumer. Safer and easier just to order on the official website, which officially represents this tool. No matter what city {in German} you are, the order is quickly delivered to your address.

Shipping is done for buyers located {in Russia}. You will receive your order quickly and without problems, being in any town in the UK.

The merchant has a security certificate and the patent on the fixture design. That's a good argument to buy Valgosocks.

The opinion of the doctor


10 years

The problem with the bone in the foot and associated discomfort are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

A great opportunity to get rid of this problem without the use of expensive drugs and surgery.

The use of orthopedic socks Valgosocks allows to achieve a positive result in a short time, preventing the emergence of problems in the future. To my patients I recommend this tool as an inexpensive, effective and safe.