Usage instructions Valgosocks

Method of application Valgosocks

Socks are used for a full day, you can wear them without removing, or wear only at home or only at night. Everyone chooses an optimal frequency. Remember that the longer the socks stay on my feet, the sooner will come the expected result.

During treatment should regularly change the position of the metatarsal pads. About how to do it, is detailed in the attached instructions.

The design of the drug is quite simple. When created used the mounts that fix the thumb and little finger. The special belt holds in position the heel.

Due to this to use these socks incredibly easily, you should follow just a few rules:

  1. You must wear it constantly.
  2. Periodically, the mounts must be tightened to avoid the empty space where the leg was beginning to straighten up.
  3. It is recommended not to take his socks off even night.

Indications for use Valgosocks

Socks Valgosocks is applied under the following symptoms:

  • Deformity of the foot due to the fact that the thumb is curved.
  • A bump on the leg, often with redness or calluses.
  • Transverse flatfoot, congenital or acquired.
  • Flattened foot.
  • Pain and discomfort with prolonged walking or standing at work.

Contraindications to the use of Valgosocks

Socks do not have contraindications. There are only temporary problems in which start of operation of the corrector is to be postponed.

  • Injuries of the foot, including the skin.
  • Fungal dermatosis (damage nails or skin of the foot). The fixture will have no impact on the course of the disease, but because of the complexity of disinfection runs the risk of already at the stage of recovery cause re-infection.
  • Warts, papillomas and other neoplasms in the region, which fits the Adjuster. Pressure on them can change the blood supply to tumors and affect their development.

First, we must eliminate the condition, and then start using socks to get rid of the bones. About skin growths should be consulted with the oncologist.